Friday, May 8, 2009

Face Forward

So it’s been a few days since I began this blog, and I’m yet to explain this “making faces” title. It’s not an allusion to mirror practices done in private, nor even a reference to photography. My passion in life is to help women discover how beautiful they really are, and then to (secondly and subsequently) help them author a look that really reflects who they are, who they want to portray.

So I make faces for a living. (Actually, it’s not much of a living right now. My 3-yr-old and 16-month-old occupy most of my “living.”) But it’s what I love. Here are a few faces I’ve made…

Can you give critiques to someone who doesn't understand what you're talking about?

So like I said, I am new to I Heart Faces, new to photography, and new to blogging. These three things combined put me in no position to receive critique. But I guess you have to start somewhere, and you'll NEVER even start learning if you don't leap in. I downloaded some Photoshop actions from Pioneer Woman (with technical help from my BFF Becca) and have been playing around. Here's one I did this morning:


I'm pretty sure that all I did was use PW's "Lovely and Etheral" action, then took out little red spots and bits of food on his face with the clone stamp tool, then blurred his splotchy irish skin a bit.

Let the commenting begin--it's Greek to me, so I'll have to have Becca translate. :)

Monday, May 4, 2009

Someone get a champagne bottle....

...and break it on this boat, because it's setting sail....and this analogy is really breaking down now.

Cute analogies aside, this is my inaugural post on a new blog! Yay! I'm not sure how much I'm going to have to say, or more specifically, if I'll say anything worth reading. But I wanted a space that was my own. Somewhere to chronicle life in the McCormicks' world.
Oh, and also, there may be a slight chance that I have become slightly obsessed with a website called I Heart Faces. And if I want to submit my own pictures, there is another chance that I might need my own blog to do so. So here it is. Bon Voyage! err....Land Ho! ....ahoy?

And here is my VERY FIRST I Heart Faces Entry! The theme for this week is hats. I have to admit that I'm intimidated to put my pictures alongside the beautiful, professional work of others. But here we go...hats...