Friday, May 15, 2009

My First Fix It Friday

This is my first "Fix It Friday!" I can't wait to read what all the professionals did to the picture. (Come to think of it, that probably would have been helpful to get some tips before I started editing on my own. Oh well.) Anyway, here is the original from I<3Faces:

And here is my edit:

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Go shorty, go shorty...

…it’s my birthday, it’s my birthday.
A couple notes about my birthday.
First of all, it falls on the 13th and I’ve been told my mother was in labor for 13 hours. Subsequently (or coincidentally), the number 13 has followed me around the rest of my life. My street address is 1300. I always have 13’s in license plates and whatnot. 13 is my lucky number.
Secondly, (and I know everyone says this, but…) the older I get, the less exciting my birthday becomes. So far this morning I have unloaded the dishwasher and made a gourmet breakfast of Special K for my son and myself. Woohoo! My husband actually did give me some presents when I woke up, but all the things I asked for are so practical: a watering can and a new push-up bra. (The other idea I gave him was a new set of melamine mixing bowls.)
Last night I went to a joint birthday party with my “Ya-Ya’s.” These are three other girls that have been my best friends for years (one since birth, one since we were 15, and the other since we were 18). All of our birthdays fall within 8 weeks of each other, so we always try to do one big dinner to celebrate all of our birthdays. During dinner, I asked everyone what was the best part of the past year. When it came to my turn to answer, I had no immediate response pop into my head.
And then I realized. I realized that the best parts of life and the best parts of relationships are not made up of the grandiose gestures, but rather the daily bits of connection, love, and laughter. Great strides have been made in my marriage over the past year. Strides achieved not through a huge trip or diamonds, but through many late-night discussions (which is really hard work for this “peace-at-all-costs” girl) and through giving up my marriage to the Lord on a daily basis. This last year has been so much fun getting to know my children, studying them and learning their personalities. And this past year has seen the growth of some great friendships. I have had friends stick by me through my darkest times, encouraging me and loving me, but most of all accepting me unconditionally, in spite of all my messiness. I love my husband, my children, my friends, my life. And THAT is something to really celebrate today.

Monday, May 11, 2009


When looking for a picture to fit this week's theme of "Laughing," there was no shortage in my archives. My oldest child (Holden, almost 3) loves hard, laughs hard, and generally lives hard. His emotions are pure and they are saturated. So when Holden is loving you, the hugs and kisses are endless; when he is upset, it is as though the world is ending; and when he is laughing, it sounds like a joyous bubbling over from his soul.
I love Holden.
And his laugh.