Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Parenting Tips you MUST Know!

Three very useful parenting tips when serving spaghetti to a 3-yr-old and 17-month-old:

1. Remove the kids' shirts first. If you do leave clothes on, make sure they are not wearing white shirts that have sentimental value (like, say, a shirt that the grandparents brought back from a trip). Bonus tip: As the Mom, do not wear you brand new white tank that you just bought.
In a nutshell: Spaghetti sauce + white clothes = bad news.

2. Do not give the children ripe, juicy, sweet, delicious, fresh-from-the-roadside-stand peaches as a first course.

3. If you expect your 3-yr-old to eat any of his dinner, do not let him have three bowls of cereal as his 4pm afternoon snack.

Now go procreate. I believe you're prepared.

New fave thing

Redbud DesignsSo it turns out that I have a new fave thing almost every week. What am I, Oprah or something? Right now, this is my new fave. This blog is (obviously) in dire need of some maja sprucing up. I've searched around at how to make my blog look better, but am just in over my head! As it happens, Sharon at Redbud Designs is giving away a Complete Blog Design--something I could totally use!

PS~I totally have to mention that most of my fave things (including this one) are actually stolen from my friend Jamie's blog! I've known Jamie since elementary school (shout out to EBCS!) and we went to high school together. Jamie now lives in Manhattan and is probably the chic-est girl I know, and an amazing writer to boot! You should follow her blog...