Friday, June 5, 2009

Fix-It Friday #16

So it's another Fix-It Friday over at IHeartFaces! I am kinda proud of this edit because I didn't use any actions to aid in my editing! Just good, old-fashioned Photoshopping.


My Edit:
All I did was:
~pump up both the brightness and contrast
~apply a warming filter
~use the blur tool to get rid of noise and blemishes
~clone stamped under the eyes to remove redness and on the forehead to remove a vein
~finally, used the elliptical marquee tool to select each eye (individually) and pumped up the brightness and contrast again

And voila!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Babies, and Birthdays, and Pets, Oh My!

I had such a hard time choosing a birthday picture for this week! I actually ended up doing 3 different edits, and here is the one I chose:

I'll go ahead and add 2nd and 3rd place for your viewing pleasure:

And now on to the PETS category! Back when our youngest son was 6 months old (almost a year ago now!!), i finally succumbed to my husbands (not-so-subtle) hints for another dog. Yeah, I am definitely the most ambitious mom ever! So here is our Phoebe with Baby Turner: