Saturday, April 9, 2011

365.332: San Antonio Trip

The bunk beds in our awesome hotel room! See Turner on the bottom bunk?

A bit blurry, but adorable none-the-less.

Night swimming at the hotel pool!
Andrew is so much fun in the pool with the kids!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

365.329: Media Fast

Have you ever noticed how much white noise is in your life?

As a teenager, I started turning on music to fall asleep at night. I've never driven more than 10 seconds without the radio on, unless the cell phone's to my ear, that is. Until a couple weeks ago, our TV was on for many hours over the course of a day. And if I'm not being entertained by TV, there is always the infinite internet as a colossal time-waster.

I wonder what would happen if I took all this white noise and mindless entertainment away? Would I be able to hear the quiet, still voice of God more easily? Would I get better quality time with my family? Would I find that there are, in fact, enough hours in the day?

Tomorrow Ryan and I will begin a two-week media fast. No internet (except the occasional email checking for time-sensitive matters), no social media, no TV or movies, no music, newspapers, or magazines.

The timing seems uncanny, as we leave tomorrow for a weekend vacation in San Antonio with two other families. Three hours in the car with no music should make for great conversation! And a hotel room without a television on will be a first, too.

Don't get too stressed, bloggy friends (*read: family in other states). I will be sure to take lots of pictures over the next two weeks, and will fill in the days retrospectively when I get back.

See ya never, interweb.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

365.328: Honeysuckle Days

When I opened the backdoor this afternoon,
the sweet smell of new honeysuckle in bloom wafted over me.
Utter delight.
And oh so much fun for the boys to try and get a
taste of the elusive "honey" on their tongues!

The excitement.

Choosing just the right bloom.
The triumph of the perfect pick.

T's honeysuckle.

And Holden's.

Taste the sweetness.

And if you get part of the flower in your mouth,
spit it out!

Monday, April 4, 2011

365.327: T-Swizzle

Have I mentioned that my music obsession of 2011 has been
Taylor Swift's new album, Speak Now?
It's ah-mazing. I love almost every single song.
Last night, Taylor won Entertainer of the Year on the ACM's, and rightfully so.
Watch this performance earlier in the night.