Monday, February 8, 2010

Cop Out

So this is a total cop-out of a blog, because I am simply going to copy and paste from a friend. His name is Jimmy and he happens to have started the church we go to. (The original blog is here.) I love this story he told, and if anyone out there in bloggy-land happens upon this today, I pray it speaks to your heart the way it does to mine.

Him Thinks About Me

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It was one of those rainy days several years ago when Melissa and the girls got home. Emily must have been about 4 or 5 and I could tell that her heart was broken. She had lost her umbrella while Melissa and Samantha both still had theirs. As her daddy, I could tell this was about more than an umbrella. She felt left out and less significant because of it.

So I made it my mission the next couple of weeks to find her an umbrella. I went to two Walmarts and two Targets but could not find any children’s umbrellas (lady bugs, frogs, flowers, etc.) Any time I had some free time, I went somewhere to look for a stinking umbrella.

After a couple of weeks of futility, we were all together and I told Emily that I had not forgotten and was still looking for her umbrella. I was a little surprised to see her reaction. Her shoulders shrugged up to her ears as her face flushed and she broke into a great big smile. She looked at Melissa and said something I will remember the rest of my life.

“Him thinks about me.”

As my heart melted, I remember thinking “of course, I think about you.” Was there ever a question? I think about you all of the time. My life is filled with thougths of you. They make me smile and they make me shake my head. They make me dream of the young lady you will become. They are about what makes you tick, what makes you feel strong and alive and what I can do to help you be the person God wants you to be. They make me laugh and cry. They make me feel protective and caring. They bring delight to my heart and they are sometimes an oasis when life is hard and dry. To me, there is no more obvious and certain truth than “him thinks about me.”

God is a better father than I am. Jesus said so.

If I, in my selfishness and limited capacity to love, am driven almost obsessively to show my girls how much I love them, how much I am for them, how much I care about them. What does that say about how God, the Father, thinks and feels toward us? Toward you? Could it be that Him thinks about you?

That would change eveything, wouldn’t it? You could face the day with confidence that your Father who knows you the best, loves you the most. His thougths are about you. His dreams are about you. His plans are about you.

Him thinks about you.

May we all abide in his love today. May we live in the freedom of knowing that his thoughts are on us. May we be so changed by his love that we become obsessed with sharing the message with everyone we know and in any way we can that “him thinks about you."