Monday, June 1, 2009

Babies, and Birthdays, and Pets, Oh My!

I had such a hard time choosing a birthday picture for this week! I actually ended up doing 3 different edits, and here is the one I chose:

I'll go ahead and add 2nd and 3rd place for your viewing pleasure:

And now on to the PETS category! Back when our youngest son was 6 months old (almost a year ago now!!), i finally succumbed to my husbands (not-so-subtle) hints for another dog. Yeah, I am definitely the most ambitious mom ever! So here is our Phoebe with Baby Turner:


  1. Love those babies and cake pictures...what a memory to cherish!

  2. What a sweet pet picture! To cute -- TFS

  3. oh turner is such a handsome little guy :-) i love all your pictures! We should should the one of turner and phoebe to zack and sabo - maybe it would help them with their phobia :-)

  4. i love your pictures :O). your baby is adorable with those big beautiful eyes! and you can tell he loves that dog and trusts him! great shots - thanks for sharing them with us.

    i have my shot posted now, so feel free to come on over and visit awhile in The Shadow of the Cross.