Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Cutest Mosquito Bites I've Ever Seen

I am allergic to mosquito bites. Now, this has never been diagnosed by an actual doctor, but I must be. Every time I get one (or six) they swell up to the size of a quarter or larger. So I HATE mosquito bites.
But last night while playing in the backyard, Turner must of had mosquitos bite both of his cheeks, because he woke up looking like this:

Are those not the cutest mosquito bites you've ever seen?!
Although it looks like the bite on his left cheek is barely there, let me assure you it is just the lighting. He has two bright red spots on either cheek. We've been to the park and the grocery store today, and got asked what happened by people at both places. I guess it's time to invest in that Sunscreen/Bug Spray combo I've been researching!


  1. YES cutest bug bites ever!!! :)

  2. he seriously is the cutest! It was so good to see y'all - thanks for letting me go on the blob - that was my best day at camp so far :-)

  3. he is so damn cute and the mosquito bites just has him looking so adorable.

  4. awww i love this website, it's good to know that their is still God-fearing people out there who is not afraid to express it :)