Monday, December 28, 2009

Hilarious Outtakes @ I Heart Faces

After a wonderful Christmas, I thought I'd capture one last sweet moment of my boys in their matching Christmas pajamas in front of the tree.

Holden and Turner had different ideas.

Turner had absolutely no interest in standing still in front of a tree for more than a third of a second and Holden wasn't exactly in the sweetest mood after a long day of presents and sugary treats.

Here is Daddy trying to talk them into it:

Then Mimi tried:

Around this point, Holden got annoyed and his inner first-born-boss took over:

And this, I'm sad to say, was the best I was able to get:

P.S. I'd like to thank my husband for the brand new Nikon D5000 that was under the tree Christmas morning!! Woohoo!!!


  1. Love it girl! :-) I'm a little jealous of your new camera . . . whatever :-)

    but seriously, i feel like I havent seen you or hung out in forever, even though it's only been about 4 days . . .

  2. what a great husband you have! and your kids are adorable, even if they don't cooperate 100%! hey, they're kids - lol! great job :)

    my shots are up now, too. feel free to come on over for a visit anytime :O).

  3. totally jealous over that new camera :-P

    enjoy using it to get more great shots of your cute boys!

    blessings and happy new year!