Friday, June 11, 2010

365.30: Ava Grace Johnsey, oh and the World Cup, too!

Beautiful Ava Grace Johnsey was born at 11:45am today,
coming into the world at 6lbs 11oz and 19.5 inches long.

Robin was just so graceful during the entire delivery. It was such a beautiful thing to witness. I love this little girl so much already!
Forgetful as I am, I forgot my camera when excitedly racing out of the house. So these pics from my cell phone will have to suffice.

I love this shot of the paparazzi surrounding baby and Mom!

Ava Grace, your birthday was also opening day of the World Cup 2010!
Maybe it's a sign of a future soccer player?
Here's Holden sporting the South Africa World Cup shirt Ryan brought him from a mission trip two years ago!
(He's just now figured out that he can make silly faces in pictures. Haha.)

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