Friday, July 16, 2010

365.65: Date Night!

Ryan and I got to go on a date tonight, thanks to the Montgomerys, who watched our boys! (A BIG thanks actually, considering they stayed awake screaming and playing and waking their baby for almost two hours!) Ryan and I went to my new favorite restaurant, Ninfa's, for Mexican. Let me just say that after living in California, I swore that Georgia Mexican was my favorite and all other Mexican food was just weird.
I take it back.
I love this restaurant! It is certainly different--your chips before the meal come with warm salsa (that is shockingly amazing) and a green sauce that I'm pretty sure is guacamole and sour cream mixed together. I can't wait for my Mexican food-loving friends (like the two Becca's!) to come try it and tell me what they think! After dinner, we went to see The A-Team, which I really liked.
Here we are before leaving the house.


  1. Is that the same fab restaurant we dined in when I was there? It was wonderful! Mom

  2. Yay!! Glad ya'll got to go out!! We miss you and the boys - love you!

  3. Your boys are ADORABLE, and we will take them anytime!!! AND we'll got to Ninfa's with you anytime. I could put that green sauce on just about anything. :-)

    And did I forget to mention that the kids scrubbed baseboards with toothbrushes all evening and then only had bread crusts and water for dinner?!? Maybe that explains the hunger today??? Seriously, I don't even know how his little tummy has held that much!

  4. That place sounds delicious!! I need to come and go there!!! yum! and I liked A-Team too!