Sunday, October 31, 2010

365.72: Halloween

Super Mario, Iron Man, a Princess and a lion.

There's nothing better than scouting for candy with your buddy!

Look at this insane line of trick-or-treaters! It went from our front door steps all the way back to the street! We went through over $50 in candy by 8:30--and we were even gone for a while doing our own trick-or-treating!

Handing out candy to neighbors.

At some point, Turner snuck inside to his room and grabbed B. He was so worn out from all the fun!

And then he laid down , stuck B inside his bucket and took a snooze.
So sleepy and so cute!

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  1. Now how darling is that....T with his B all secure inside his bucket...and taking a power nap to get him through the remaining festivities!