Thursday, November 25, 2010

365.197: The Year I Almost Slept Through Thanksgiving

I have been so looking forward to today's Thanksgiving with friends. For weeks. Maybe months. I got up super early and prepared all the dishes I was contributing, then the four of us headed over to the Montgomerys around 11:30am to get the turkey fryer started.
The plan was to eat at 4, so I brought the boys home at 2:30 for naps, and was planning baking my casseroles at home and being back by 3:45. After getting the boys in bed, I sat on the couch and noticed my eyelids started getting heavy. I thought I might just close my eyes for 10 minutes. When I opened them, it was 3:45! I hadn't even started pre-heating my oven, much less baking!
This moment felt the same as sleeping through a job interview or a final exam in college. This is the stuff nightmares are made of. (Seriously, my dad has a recurring nightmare that he sleeps through a college final exam.)
I threw the casseroles in the cold oven (which I turned on high) while I loaded the car with the cold food and sleeping boys. The Montgomery's oven was already going strong, and luckily my 2 casseroles fit right in! They were done at the same time as everything else! Yay!
I all my shenanigans, there was no way I was going to remember my camera. So here are a couple shots I stole off of Cristie's blog.

Our super long table to accommodate 22 people!

Cristie made beautiful centerpieces!
The boys table!

Playing games later in the evening.

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