Saturday, January 22, 2011

365.255: Turner's 3rd Birthday Party

Turner's 3rd birthday party--a Toy Story theme--was today! We had over the families in our Lifegroup, and the Bissons and Montgomerys. I really love all these people so much!

I was super ambitious this year, making my own fondant icing to create a 3-tiered cake. I even got to use the spray icing (kind of like airbrushing) and a paintbrush for the pearl yellow color on the stars.

Turner sniffing the cake before the party began--he could barely keep his hands off of it! In fact, he ate 90% of the "3" there on the bottom shortly after this picture was taken.

Sweet Chloe couldn't come to the party, so she brought Turner a gift in the afternoon.

So excited to get his cake on!

Cowboy Woody.

My sweet friends, Cristie and Susan!

Anna and Holden.

Turner playing some serious tunes on the harmonica that Sydney and Aaron Bisson gave him. His eyes are closed here because he was feelin' the music, man.

Ryan drew and painted this Pizza Planet sign for the kitchen!

Present time!

The sitters, Meghan and Emily. When they arrived to the party, Turner ran to them with arms open, yelling, "Guys!!" They hugged. My heart melted.


  1. Oh my goodness...what a FUN and SWEET time! Great party!!!

  2. okay, that's one of the coolest cakes ever!!
    to infinity and beyond!!! :)