Saturday, March 5, 2011

365.298: Encouraging B

B is Turner's bear that he sleep/sucks his thumb with every time he sleeps.

Every. Single. Time.

B also gets carried around the house and occasionally in the car, so you can imagine he gets gross pretty quickly. As B was laying haphazardly on the kitchen floor this morning, Holden reached up for the bowl of pancake batter on the counter, flipping the whisk in the air, and splattering B.

So it was time for a bath.

Turner was pretty upset that B had to go in the washing machine, so I told him that B was going to take a fun bath and play with the bubbles, and that he would be swimming and having fun. This logic appeased Turner enough to consent, but Turner wouldn't leave his side. He pulled a chair next to the washing machine and there he stayed for 45 minutes, all the while saying things like,

"Hey B!
You having fun in there B?
You can do it, B!
I love you, B!"

Holden even got in on the encouraging for a bit, and showed Turner that he could open the lid to check on him.

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