Wednesday, April 6, 2011

365.329: Media Fast

Have you ever noticed how much white noise is in your life?

As a teenager, I started turning on music to fall asleep at night. I've never driven more than 10 seconds without the radio on, unless the cell phone's to my ear, that is. Until a couple weeks ago, our TV was on for many hours over the course of a day. And if I'm not being entertained by TV, there is always the infinite internet as a colossal time-waster.

I wonder what would happen if I took all this white noise and mindless entertainment away? Would I be able to hear the quiet, still voice of God more easily? Would I get better quality time with my family? Would I find that there are, in fact, enough hours in the day?

Tomorrow Ryan and I will begin a two-week media fast. No internet (except the occasional email checking for time-sensitive matters), no social media, no TV or movies, no music, newspapers, or magazines.

The timing seems uncanny, as we leave tomorrow for a weekend vacation in San Antonio with two other families. Three hours in the car with no music should make for great conversation! And a hotel room without a television on will be a first, too.

Don't get too stressed, bloggy friends (*read: family in other states). I will be sure to take lots of pictures over the next two weeks, and will fill in the days retrospectively when I get back.

See ya never, interweb.

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  1. I did a media fast in college for a was tough, and that was before facebook and blogging! Hope you and Ryan feel refreshed!