Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Parenting Tips you MUST Know!

Three very useful parenting tips when serving spaghetti to a 3-yr-old and 17-month-old:

1. Remove the kids' shirts first. If you do leave clothes on, make sure they are not wearing white shirts that have sentimental value (like, say, a shirt that the grandparents brought back from a trip). Bonus tip: As the Mom, do not wear you brand new white tank that you just bought.
In a nutshell: Spaghetti sauce + white clothes = bad news.

2. Do not give the children ripe, juicy, sweet, delicious, fresh-from-the-roadside-stand peaches as a first course.

3. If you expect your 3-yr-old to eat any of his dinner, do not let him have three bowls of cereal as his 4pm afternoon snack.

Now go procreate. I believe you're prepared.


  1. Thanks!! i feel ready here i go jk ;)

  2. haha you crack me up :-) what would I do as a mom without you? (seriously!)