Monday, June 14, 2010

365.33: Camp Grace

Jennifer and I took my boys and her daughter Nora up to Camp Grace today to play with Jayci! The very first group of kids for the summer were arriving when we did. It was so much fun to see their excited, expectant faces arrive. For inner city kids, this beautiful camp in Roberta, GA is like nothing they've ever seen or experienced before. Their day-to-day is filled with drugs, hunger, rejection, and things no person should have to live through, much less a child.
But touching the lives of children with the Gospel turns a simple week of fun at summer camp into an experience that can change the course of their lives forever.
Jesus offers other options.
He offers freedom.
He offers a chance to thrive and to live abundantly.
How could anyone not accept that free gift?!

But this trip wasn't as focused on the campers as past visits have been. Today we were here to spend time with Holden and Turner's dear friend Jayci for one of the last times.
How sweet are these faces...

And here are the boys and Nora jammed into the car for the trip home!
Today was such a blast. Especially spending time with Jennifer. We laughed so hard I almost peed. She is the best person I know to laugh with!

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  1. First of all, you have NO idea what a blessing it was to have y'all help out on Monday - thanks so so much! And second of all, so so sad you're almost gone!!! Jayci wont be able to handle it I dont think - she's going to miss her friends too much!