Tuesday, June 15, 2010

365.34: Packing Up...Again

Okay, so I'm really beginning to feel like my life for the last two months has been nothing put packing and unpacking! We first moved everything we own to my parents' house and my brother's house before we closed on our house at the end of April. It was too early to send it all to Texas already. (Have you seen storage prices? Outrageous!)
So today we are packing up the real truck to send 95% of our belongings to Texas, and we'll stuff the rest in our cars when we leave next Monday. The plan is to stay in a hotel for a couple of nights in Texas while we check out housing possibilities in person. Once we have a physical home address (woohoo--so excited for that!) this truck will deliver everything there!
Ryan and I started filling the truck this morning, and have some amazing friend to come help us tonight (for the second time).

Check out how much this little dude is helping! In the heat and humidity, Ryan tore the sleeves off his shirt and made hats for he and Holden. Holden decided that being the door opener/closer wasn't helpful enough, and decided to get in on the packign like the grown-ups! I was so proud.

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