Sunday, July 18, 2010

365.67: Meet the Robinsons

So as I'm sure you all know, Ryan and I hope to end up in Portugal at the Haven after training with Antioch here in Waco. There is a family there right now named the Robinsons (whom we're yet to meet) with two sweet little girls that are really close in age to our boys. I realized today that we may seem a little stalker-ish because we know all about them and are so stoked to join their team, but I'm not sure if they've ever even heard of the McCormicks! haha...
Anyways, every week at Antioch they highlight a different team of missionaries in the field on the back of the church bulletin. This week I sat down and saw...the Robinsons!

If you're interested in praying alongside us for the Haven and the Robinsons, please see the prayer points above! Thanks!

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  1. SO cool to "see" them - thanks for sharing!!