Monday, August 2, 2010

365.82: Turner's Birthday Party

If you got a little panicked from the title, and are frantically searching your calendar to see if Turner's birthday was today and you missed it, you can relax.

His birthday is in January. You didn't miss it.

But for some reason, every time I lay Turner down to sleep these days, he is insistent that when he wakes up there will be a big birthday party waiting for him. So this morning at the store, I snuck a slice of cake with sprinkles on it into our cart and we grabbed some balloons on our way out. And when they woke up from their nap, there was a birthday party waiting! I did, however, forget the candles, so I had to improvise with some over-sized matches.

(Note to moms: when substituting matches for candles, make sure you don't let your two-year-old grab it immediately after blowing it out. The result is a sad little burn, then blister on his sweet little finger.)


  1. That's so sweet! What a great idea and surprise!

  2. you are seriously the best mom EVER