Sunday, August 1, 2010

365.81: Mexican Treats

Ryan took our family on a cultural field trip tonight to Super Plaza.
It's a Mexican grocery store pretty close to our house. After seeing whole catfish (head and all) and all the unusual bakery goods, the boys each got to choose a soda to bring home. Holden chose pineapple, Turner chose "orange," and Ryan got lemon-lime.
This is them saying "cheers." Please note Turner's face. This is the grimace he makes every time he tried to swallow soda. He says, "too fithy" (too fizzy). And then he keeps on drinkin like a champ.
I'm not huge on flavored soda (unless it happens to be flavored like Coke Zero), so I got these treats. They're sugar wafers coated in chocolate, and they are delicious.

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