Tuesday, September 14, 2010

365.125: A GREAT Day!

Holden had a GREAT day at school today! Praise Jesus! I know so many people are praying for him, and I feel like God really helped him excel in obedience and good behavior today!

Last night during worship at Elevate, one of the staff members, Ashley, came up to me and said that she felt like God was wanting to tell me, "You ARE making a difference." Ashley doesn't know me well, and she didn't have any idea what I've been going through with Holden, but she was obedient to tell me exactly what I needed to hear. I just started crying. I felt so encouraged and affirmed in my parenting.

So today is a day of celebration for Holden and our family! After school, we picked up Turner and Ryan from home and headed to Dairy Queen for lunch. And I even let the boys eat their ice cream first. Then I let Holden stay up from his nap and watch a movie instead. And I think the Montgomerys may stop by in a bit to celebrate a little more with us!

If you think about it, please continue praying that:
  • Holden continues to process through the move well,
  • Holden falls into a routine of following instructions and having FUN at school, and
  • we would be faithful to parent him well, asking God every morning what it is that Holden needs for that day.
Thanks for all of your support on the phone, through texts, and emails! You are invaluable in the lives of the McCormicks!


  1. So so so glad he did well!! yay!

  2. oh Holden...we never stopped believing that you are an obedient, might warrior for Jesus! We can't wait to hear more stories about how you take care of everyone at school! You are a leader!

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  4. Yay for Holden!!!! So glad things are going so much better! (I have no idea why this posted before as Sy.)

  5. Yay!! And wow, what great encouragement from Ashley - I love stories like that where people are really listening to what God is telling them to do or say and they act upon it without it making complete sense before they do it and then bam!-it all makes perfect sense and is just what the "dr." ordered for that other person! wow!