Thursday, September 23, 2010

365.134: Turner and the Not-So-Terrible-Two's

I am not sure if it's my experience as a mom, or Turner's temperament, but this year of being two really hasn't been so terrible. So far. I hear every kid has their own time table for the "challenging" years, though, so we'll see.

But so far, at 2 years and 8 months old, Turner has been pretty easy! For instance, if you put him in front of a sink full of water, he will quietly play there for at least thirty minutes.

Recently he has started experimenting with showing aggression, which is pretty funny, because he's not actually feeling hostile, he's just pretending so that he can try out the face and voice.

And then he quickly returns to his sweet self.

One of Turner's favorite pastimes is scrolling through Facebook pictures of his sweetheart Jayci, who he was forced to leave behind in Atlanta. Turner's parents are basically murderers of love.
(Sorry for the blurry pictures--low lighting. And his hair is still wet from water time at the sink.)


  1. Oh that warms my heart. And I'm so jealous of your well-behaved 2 year old. Jayci? Not so much.

  2. T's mean face looks just like Nick Savas when he was two...darling!