Friday, September 24, 2010

365.135: Clark & Esther are Here!

Esther and Clark got to Texas this morning! We just couldn't be any more excited! Shortly after they arrived, they brought out presents for the boys!
Look how excited they are, waiting with eyes closed tight!

Superhero costumes!! Aren't Spiderman and Iron Man just the coolest?!

We got to just hang out and relax and catch up for most of the day.

This evening we all went to Antioch for the Community Feast, which is a worship service and dinner for people who are hungry for Jesus, and for a little food, too! A woman who attends our church, and the Feast, regularly has hit some hard times recently, so Esther, Turner, and I went to the grocery store together afterward. It was fun getting to serve others together!

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  1. We had a blast and enjoyed getting to see your life and hear about everything going on, as well as to experience your ministry!!