Tuesday, November 16, 2010

365.188: Little Chef

Holden just loves to cook with me. When we were finished cooking our sweet potatoes today, Holden wanted to create his own dish. Without a recipe. Or help. This is what we got:

Mmmmm..who wants a bite?
He put in flour, raw ginger, scallions, frozen peas, powdered sugar, lemon juice, and lots of cinnamon, among other things.

Watching him "cook," I was taken back to my brother Clark and I as kids. We used to love making up new recipes. We would pull a million things out of the refrigerator and put it all in the blender. Think ketchup smoothies.
So I guess the apple isn't falling far from this tree.


  1. That sort of made me gag :-) Luckily there was a picture of your sweet little boy to make me miss him and stop worrying about the nasty picture of his creation. I think it was the peas that did it for me. I hate peas.

  2. I'll have the kitchen "helping stools" polished and ready for our boys!

  3. oh courtney.... we used to do that too. and make cooking shows on video too! so we could watch all of it again later! :) way to go for allowing him to explore his creativity! i think it looks yummy, did he try it? what did he think?

  4. That is so sweet and cute and gross all at the same time :).