Thursday, November 18, 2010

365.190: Pilgrims' Feast

Holden's preschool class had a Feast this morning (or "veast," as he pronounces it) to celebrate Thanksgiving. Parents were invited, which I was just totally eating up. For some reason, I just love watching Holden in his "big boy" environment. And I am relishing the fact that he adores it when I show up. He lights up and wants me to stay right beside him the whole time. I know that won't last long, so I am treasuring it now.

He was so proud of the placemat and Pilgrim hat he made!

Lining up 16 four-year-olds for a picture is no small feat.

Holden at his "Veast!"


  1. haha love him! That last picture of him is just great :-) he's so big these days!

  2. Mimi and Pop-Pop can't stop looking and smiling at H proudly showing his gorgeous placemat and pilgrim hat. Holden, you spelled your name so well! We love you!