Saturday, December 4, 2010

365.206: Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

Tonight was our Christmas party for Elevate, which was an "Ugly Christmas Sweater" theme. Everyone brought a dish, so we ate and hung and had a blast playing a white elephant gift exchange with around 40 gifts!

We each voted for the person with the ugliest sweater/best costume and these three were the winners! Andria and Annabeth and Keith Morgan.

Cristie-of course I LOVED her makeup (and no, I didn't do it).

This is Cody. He's awesome. He says "sim'n rows" for cinnamon rolls.

Andria and Charles. Being fab.

Ashley. The jacket, which she got from the Middle East says "American Chritmas," and she made the skirt out of a tablecloth. Amazing.

JoePa, his girlfriend Erin, and Joshua.

Since I got no close-up of our family (hey, I was organizing the thing, so my mind was on a million other things!) this will have to suffice. We're on the bottom left corner. Ryan is wearing a dickie that isn't quite long enough under his v-neck sweater , so you can see a little chest hair. Hawt.

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