Sunday, December 5, 2010

365.207: Church Christmas Performance

Holden sang in a Christmas performance at church this morning! It was so cute! This was actually the second try at the performance. It's a funny story really. We were running kinda late for church, but his teacher assured me he would take Holden over to where the other kids were getting ready to perform. When I got into the auditorium, the other kids were already on stage! Holden was brought onstage during the second song or so, and seemed so embarrassed. He wouldn't even turn around and face the audience, much less sing, so he just stood behind the risers and hugged a sweet teacher.
After the service Ryan went and asked Holden if he wanted to try again during the second service. Holden said he did, mostly because he was promised not one but two donuts afterward, and these are pictures from a much more fun second try! The even gave him a personal helper to make him feel comfortable and help him remember the motions. So sweet.
Here's Go Tell It On the Mountain:

This was when Holden spotted me sitting on the front row, and was trying to sign "I love you" to me. Be still my beating heart.

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