Thursday, December 30, 2010

365.232: The Highlights Reel

I've feel like I've been extra contemplative this year about the last 365 days. With kids it always seems like so much happens in a year, but this year has been especially huge for the McCormick family. In review...
  • A year ago I was just learning to use my new camera that Ryan had gotten me for Christmas. Not that I'm anywhere close to a pro yet, but I've learned so much this past year!
  • We started the year with a trip to Savannah to see our friends Holly and Katie who live in this house on Skidaway Island State Park:
  • In February, we started upgrading our house in Woodstock to put it on the market.
  • We took a trip to Birmingham to see Ryan's cousin Kate get married to John (who the boys now call Uncle John) -- Holden got to be the ringbearer!
  • Our house sold in April, at which point we moved in with my parents for a few weeks, as Ryan's job didn't transfer until later.
  • In May we got to go on a family vacation to Florida, celebrating a big birthday for my mom! Then met up with the Stanleys for a few more days on the sand.
  • The rest of may was spent doing more amazing things like celebrating Ryan's and Holden's and my birthdays, visiting Newnan for an escape at a b&b and Ryan's cousin Alex's birthday party, seeing a play with my sister at the center for puppetry arts, taking a day trip to Rock City, and going to my cousin Carmen's wedding.
  • June felt full of goodbyes. We were commissioned by our church (One Church) as official missionaries, and also commissioned by Fellowship Bible Church (my parents' church where I grew up).
  • And then we hit the road for the big move! Waco started slow for me, up until the whirlwind of Elevate started with a retreat in August.
  • We've had plenty of visitors: Mimi and PopPop, the Deuels and Morgans, Clark and Esther, and Cameron.
  • We got involved in a Lifegroup, I started teaching the Turtles (3-yr-olds) on Sunday mornings at church, we made amazing new friends, and became apart of an amazing new church.
  • In October, we went on an outreach to College Station and got to pray with three people who wanted a relationship with Jesus!
  • November brought a trip to Jacksonville Beach Florida for yet another cousin's wedding (Chesley to Ashlee) and a wonderful Thanksgiving with 20 great friends.
  • I got to finally visit Atlanta in December (hey, five months was a long time for this girl)! It was a wonderful time followed by a wonderful Christmas back in Waco with Ryan.
Whew! So maybe that was a little lot longer than a highlights real. But like I said, 2010 was jam packed. What doesn't fit into a chronological bullet point is how much the God has changed me over the past year. The past six months in Waco have been a season of refreshment; a fresh cool breeze in my spiritual life, my marriage, and parenting. I have felt so full and abundantly blessed that it seems ridiculous at times. I have fallen in love with Jesus in a whole new way, and subsequently have been able to better love my husband, children, and friends through the overflow of God's love for me. I am blessed among men and humbled by His goodness.

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  1. I really really love this! Too bad our lives are so boring!