Friday, December 31, 2010

365.233: NYE

Ever since Holden was 7 months old, my parents have always had the kids on New Years Eve. It was their tradition--one that was especially awesome for Ryan and me! Needless to say, we missed them like crazy this year. I was at a bit of a loss on what to actually do on NYE when you're at home, but it turned out really fun! In the afternoon we went to the zoo with our friends the Bissons, then out to a really fancy dinner at Cici's pizza. Turner was pretty wiped out from the day so he went to bed early, but Holden got the special treat of staying up late like an adult. We worked on an "grown-up puzzle" and snacked on yogurt-covered pretzels. (I had also bought sushi and brie and other fun snacks, but we were all too full from dinner!)

This is a shot of Holden carrying on the Turner family tradition of banging pots and pans to ring in the new year. (Actually, I guess it is a Clark family tradition, because my mom and her siblings did this when they were growing up just like my siblings and I did.) It wasn't quite midnight (9pm was the latest we could handle), but the tradition lives on.

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  1. We REALLY missed celebrating with our boys on NYE! Wearing party hats and irritating the neighbors with noisemakers, blowers and pan banging just wasn't the same! :-) We're still holding out for next year, Holden and Turner. We will need to buy a little pink party hat for your soon-to-be cousin, won't we! You can show her what it's all about!