Saturday, May 22, 2010

365.10: Summer Fun Birthday Party

I cannot believe that we celebrated Holden's FOURTH birthday party today! FOUR! How has time sped up?
Holden has spent the last couple years (literally, years) asking to play with a slip'n'slide, and today was finally that glorious day. We had hot dogs, lemonade, popsicles,a sprinkler, bubbles, and all things summer.

We were T minus 25 minutes until guests arrived, and Turner had a run-in with a shovel. A run-in that ended up meaning a two-hour trip to urgent care and four stitches. So Ryan, Pop, and Turner made a fashionably late entrance. (FYI, it was not Holden on the other end of said shovel, but a responsible adult.)

Here is Holden with said slip'n'slide.

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