Thursday, May 20, 2010

365.8: Tattoo!!

So tonight I got my first tattoo! It was something I drew eight years ago and have wanted ever since, so not a rash decision.
Ok--here is a close up!! Keep in mind that the shading will continue to fade, so thy won't be as dark, and also that this is 24 hours after the tattoo so the skin is still irritated and not healed up.


  1. oh my goodness...i am so jealous! we totally should have done this together! did danielle go with you? i need a close up of it though. did it hurt like crazy. yes we will call you soon...maybe tonight?? also love the party you had with the girls. wish i could have been there. i am telling you though....your friendships will be sweeter from afar and it will ALL be worth it! love you.

  2. Can we have a follow-up pic of the finished product?!?

  3. Oh i love how it turned out! :-) I cant wait to have you show it to everyone at Holden's bday party.

    And ps - Kristi, why would Danielle go with her and not me? Just because she's way cooler than me. Lame.