Wednesday, June 23, 2010

365.42: Hotel Living

OK, so we are on day two (of hopefully only four days) of living in a hotel!
The boys and Phoebe are doing relatively well. Right now, I've been policing the boys for an hour as they lay in adjacent beds, trying to nap. Turns out a hotel room is way too fun for sleeping in!
Here are some snapshots of hotel living.

Our room from my camera phone:

On the first morning (after spending the night on the road in Louisiana), I packed up my toiletries to head out, then put my bag on the bed. A few minutes later, Ryan asked what had spilled on the bed. Uh oh. My foaming body wash unscrewed in the bag, drenched everything inside, and leaked all the way through the bag. So then I had to spend an extra 20 minutes cleaning everything off. (See all the bubbles in the sink?) All these toiletries got put into a plastic bag, and the sopping wet, soapy (yet delicious white citrus-smelling) is still drying out!

The amazing Texas-shaped waffle we had for breakfast!

This is absolutely the only way to have an effective time-out in a hotel room. It seems fun can be found (or the TV can be seen) in every corner, so we resorted to the old-school, military-style nose-in-the-corner method!

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