Thursday, June 24, 2010

365.43: Home-Finding Dilemma!

Help! We need input with our housing situation! Would you rather live in:

Duplex #1:
Very large and spacious with FOUR bedrooms! This means we could have a playroom/office! Larger living room where we could easily have people over.
BUT the area isn't great. It's not that it's dangerous, just not pretty and nice. There is an empty lot next door, which had some trash in it. And there is no yard at all (except for the lot), which means we would have to walk Phoebe on a leash a few times a day instead of just letting her out.
The location is about 10 or 15 minutes from the church and probably 20 minutes from Holden's preschool and Ryan's work.

Duplex #2:
This is a really cute, newer place with stained concrete floors, 9-foot ceilings, and newer appliances. Also a three-bedroom, with a private, fenced-in little back patio, and a shared grassy area behind that where we could put Phoebe on a lead staked down in the ground. The location is AMAZING! About two blocks from the church and three minutes from our friends the Montgomerys. It's about 10 minutes from Holden's preschool and Ryan's work. This is more the downtown area. But here is the drawback: it is TINY. Each of the three bedrooms looks barely big enough for a bed. We're pretty sure that we couldn't put both our bed and dresser in the master. So we couldn't have more than a couple people over at a time. Here is a link to the floor plan and some pictures of this place from my camera phone:

This would probably be Holden's room:
Turner walking in from the back patio:
This is looking at the entire thing. Three bedrooms are all on the right of this hall, I'm taking the picture from the back of the dining room. Holden is standing in the living room, next to the front door:


  1. Hey!

    The second place looks really cute! I can tell you from the dog perspective we have lived in both, a place where we could just let Abbey out and one where we had to walk her every time she had to pee. It's really nice in the winter and at night to just let her out instead of bundling up and waiting for her to sniff out a spot. I think for the kids too it would be nice to have a little spot for them to go especially since they are used to that.

    Looking at the floor plan, hopefully it's to some sort of scale, you can kind of guess the size. Assume each door opening is 3' to kind of get an idea for the size of the master bedroom. You can find the actual dimensions of your size bed online (ie: a queen is usually 60"x80") and roughly scale the length of the room to see how much walking space you would have or if you can get the dresser in there too. Maybe that will help you decide! For whatever it's worth, my vote would be the nicer closer area with a yard. :) Happy Thursday!


  2. I vote #2! But I tend to always prioritize cute and location over space (ie, living in New York for 4 yrs). :)

  3. i think my vote is #2 too - it's So nice to be close to people you know, and the dog thing gets super old...
    also a tinier place lends to keeping less "junk" around... - that way when you go to portugal you may not feel as overwhelmed by having alot of "stuff" to get rid of or take with you...idk - tough decision

  4. Yup--I'm for option 2 as well. I'd much rather live closer to everything with a little less fence for Feeb's. (How do you spell that??)

  5. me too for option #2!!!!!!!!!!11

  6. I'm voting for #2 also (and I was going to before I saw all these other votes for it:).

  7. Ditto from me as well. It looks like a fun adventure is upon you!! Keep us updated. Sending lots of love from GA.

  8. I vote #2. We can always live with less space...but less safety...not an option. :)

  9. voting for the smaller, safer option ... like everyone else. remember: location, location, location AND good things come in small packages.:)

  10. My opinion is totally biased!!! But I'm all for option number 2. But I'll visit wherever you live.