Sunday, June 27, 2010

365.46: Zoo

So I can't remember if I've posted on here that my mom got us annual passes to the zoo and the Children's Museum!
Today we took the boys to the zoo, which was so fun, but crazy hot! It is such a wonderful place we'll be able to escape to, full of playgrounds, nature, and even a little splash park! (You know, the little fountains that shoot water up for kids to play in?)

Waiting while the tickets are being bought.

Checking out turtles and catfish.

Turner had fallen and Mimi was consoling him, when Turner found a "silly swommy!" (My dad made up silly swommies--they are creatures that you can find in couch cushions.) Turner says "way minnu! idea!" [translation: "Wait a minute! I have an idea!"], and pulls out a silly swommy. He'll tell you the color of it and have you look at it, and then throws it at you and screams "boo!"

Tough guy showing off his muscles.

When we walked by the birds, Turner really wanted to hold hands with one of them. He just stood there asking them to hold his hand and wouldn't move on!

The shade was so nice!

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