Tuesday, June 29, 2010

365.48: Bye Bye Mimi and Daddy!

Ryan and I were up bright and early this morning—actually 5am is more like the middle of the night for me—anyways, we were up and off to the Waco airport! Ryan headed to Seattle on a business trip with Tmobile. I have to say I’m a little jealous that he’s in such a cool city—one I’ve always wanted to visit! But on the upside, when I got back to the hotel my mom kept the boys, took them to breakfast, and let me go back to sleep for a couple more hours!
But then, back to the downside, I had to take my mom to the airport in Dallas this afternoon. It was so good to have her here. She really worked so hard to help me in any way I needed, and I just feel so blessed to call her my Mom!
On our way out of town, we stopped by the Children’s Museum (which we now have an annual pass to, thanks to Mom!) for a quick picture.

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