Wednesday, June 30, 2010

365.49: Moving in with the Montgomerys!

After taking my mom to the airport yesterday, the two boys and I came back to Waco and settled in with the Montgomerys.
If you haven’t heard the story, the Montgomerys are a sweet family from Fellowship in Atlanta. Once Ryan and I were sure God was calling us to Portugal, by way of Antioch in Waco, my mom suggested I get together with Cristie Montgomery. I asked why. She said, “Well, since they’re going to train at Antioch, too.”
I was confused.
Mom was confused because se thought I already knew. Haha.
So it turns out that they have been called to go to Spain, “happen” to be attending Elevate at the same time as us, have three kids near Turner’s and Holden’s ages, and will ultimately be only a few hours away! Isn’t God so good to is children?!
It is so much fun staying with them! We will be her probably three days before our new house is ready.
Here’s Cristie reading to the kiddos.

And here’s a fun picnic we had on their front porch

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