Tuesday, August 31, 2010

365.111: Preschool Orientation

This morning I took Holden to meet his preschool teachers and check out his classroom before the first day tomorrow. It was really fun, and a little surreal, to be watching my baby interacting in "centers" and experiencing school for the first time.

When we walked in and I pointed out Mrs. Wirth, he immediately threw his arms around her and thanked her for giving him the preschool bag. It made me so glad to see how affectionate he was with both teachers. Holden had so much fun finding things like his cubby, journal, and circle mat that were labeled with his name! He decorated his journal with frog stickers and asked me to put one on. I put a little froggy right next to his name and told him that every time he saw that frog he could know that his Mommy was thinking about him and loving him and missing him. My eyes started welling up, so I took a deep breath and started a craft to change the subject.

This is the shot of Holden before leaving the house. Not technically his first first-day-of-school photo, but I had to take it anyways!

Ms. Holmes (the teaching assistant), Holden, and Ms. Wirth.

Holden's mat for circle time.

Mrs. Wirth taking Holden's picture.

Holden had homework before school even started! I am so sentimental. I was totally making a big deal to myself that this is his very first homework assignment ever. They will be making a family tree tomorrow, so I helped him write who is in his immediate family and his grandparents. (For most of them, I just helped with the spelling, except for the harder words like "brother." haha)

Stay tuned for the real first-day-of-school picture and post tomorrow!


  1. O wow!!!! SO special Court - give H a great big hug and kiss from us. Praying for you too - must be crazy to see your first born growing up!

  2. Oh my gosh he is so cute and big! :-) I love it - I feel like him and Jay are starting school together - so it makes me feel better :-) haha

  3. Can't wait to talk with you tomorrow to see how the big day went! Love you very much!