Wednesday, September 1, 2010

365.112: First Day of School!

So today was officially Holden's first day of school! Last night he started declaring, "I will NOT go to preschool tomorrow."


This was a complete attitude change, since he's been so excited for so long! But he tends to change his mind on a dime like that, so I wasn't really shocked. I prayed for him right then, again before he went to bed, then pretty continually until this morning! And God was faithful and good to wake my boy up with his usual excitement for school.

I fed him a good breakfast of scrambled eggs, cheese toast, bananas, blueberries, and milk, and got him dressed. Oops! I forgot to brush his teeth! Oh well--there's always tomorrow. He was so excited to wear his brand new "running shoes," as he insists everybody call them. He has to wear tennis shoes every Wednesday and Thursday because he goes to P.E. those days.

And the silly face:

When he was set and had his bag over his shoulder, he told Turner, "I'm gonna miss you, brother." They hugged. I teared up.

All four of us loaded into the car and got to school a little early. In time to take this shot of Holden in front of the doors he walks in.

When it was time to go into class, he almost forgot to say goodbye he was so excited! You better believe I pulled him back for a hug and a kiss, which he happily gave. Then he rubbed my arm for a second and said, "Bye,Mom." That was it. He walked into the room for his first day. I started tearing up as soon as I turned to walk away, but held it together pretty well until I got into the parking lot. Then I did the ugly cry. I was so glad to have Ryan and Turner there with me for hugs. Turner almost immediately started asking, "Where Hodie go?" I think it's gonna take awhile for us to get used to this new routine!

But I am gonna focus on the positive: my house is so quiet in the mornings now, since Turner naps at 9:30, and I can be productive! Yay!

In unrelated news, check out Susan, my new friend from Elevate! This blog post is about Susan, Cristie, and me, where God is leading us, and how he's already providing friends on the field!


  1. I have been thinking about you ALL day today! I'm so glad it went well. Your sweet big boy! I cried the first day I dropped off Z at preschool. I thought I'd do SO much better this year, and well, you saw how that turned out!!

  2. What a great day Holden had at preschool! I think this was the most talkative he has ever been on the phone....following all of the excitement! So thankful that all went so well..even the hugs during the ugly sad but so good. Have a ball celebrating him again with his chocolate chip cookies after nap time. We love you all very much!

  3. OH my goodness - thank you for writing that - you are such a good writer i felt like i was there :). What a great mom - and congrats to Holdie for his first day - p.s. he looks SOOOOO tall.
    Give everyone kisses and hugs from us!

  4. I came over from Becca's. This made me cry. He is SO cute. So, so cute. LOVE that smile and those curls. OH MY HEART! Sweet little boy! I hope his year is wonderful!

  5. My word. This was just too sweet. I bet he had a wonderfully amazing day. How exciting.

    Oh and he is just the cutest thing around.


    K xx