Saturday, July 31, 2010

365.80: Lemonade Stand

This morning we contributed a couple boxes of junk--ahem, priceless treasure--to a garage sale at the Montgomerys'. I was so excited to go hang with them all day (as I love a good garage sale), but I still have this flu. Bramp.

Ryan was a trooper, though. He and Holden took all our stuff, priced it, and hung out for a couple hours. And the kids made a lemonade stand! This was Holden's very first lemonade stand. They made a little over $3, so about a buck apiece. Holden used his money to buy a bag of toys Zach was selling.

[disclaimer: Cristie insisted on giving us the toys for free, but Holden really wanted to pay for them and I wanted him to have his first experience with earning/spending. So we bought the toys against Cristie's will.]

Since I was in the bed, instead of there with my camera, here is a shot I swiped from Cristie's blog.

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