Monday, August 9, 2010

365.89: Painting

Our playroom/office is a very dark navy blue. Which I like alright, but I really wanted to liven up the large wall that you face when sitting at the computer. I was originally envisioning one really large piece, but then Christie gave me the idea a few weeks ago to have a collage of smaller canvases instead. The beginnings of this idea, and inspirations I found online, are explained in this post.
So today my parents, the boys, and I (Ryan was at work) spent five hours on the front porch (in the sweltering heat) painting canvases.
I just LOVE how they turned out! I stop and look at them every single time I pass the room. What a great way to have a piece of my parents and the boys and the memories of time together on the walls.

Turner's piece of fine art:

Holden's work:

Look at this cool piece my mom did! It is a Turner family tree with a T for the trunk and then our monograms inside the dot leaves. Turner's and Holden's dots are actually their thumbprints!

These are the two my dad did. (How lucky am I to have actual pieces of art from a pro on my wall?!)

And here are the three I did.

(This means "Love Never Fails" in Portuguese.)

And the final product:


  1. Love this! What a special display of guys all just oooooze creativity!

  2. So proud to be part of such an artistic family!!