Tuesday, August 10, 2010

365.90: Saying Goodbye

I'm sad.
My parents just left to head home about an hour ago.
It was so hard to say goodbye! I actually started getting sad last night, just anticipating them leaving.
A couple final pictures of Mimi and PopPop with the boys:

As they were about to pull out, Holden yelled, "Wait! Don't go yet!" He darted off the front porch to the car to give Pop one last hug and kiss. (Then Mimi forgot her phone, so he got to deliver that to her window with a hug and kiss, too, but I didn't get to snap that picture.)

Waving a last goodbye.

Holden was very sad after they left. He asked to call them on the phone when they'd been gone no longer than ten minutes, but I didn't want to start more tears in case Mom and Dad were starting to pull themselves together by then. So he took his nap with a framed picture of Mimi and PopPop and the rest of the fam right beside his bed.

I have a feeling that we're gonna be blue for the next few days!


  1. Good call, Court! Holden would have thought that you called the wrong number...with no response on our end of the line. : =( When he came to the car and told us that he didn't want us to leave (with those big blues), I couldn't even respond. Pop-Pop did a good job though.
    Then sweet Ryan called to say good-by when we were just leaving Waco, and said the most thoughtful things...he's a keeper, Court!
    We'll call you guys after Zach's BD party, if you're home by 7:20...otherwise, we don't land until way after the boys' bedtime. WE MISS YOU GUYS SO MUCH
    ALREADY....we had such a wonderful time!!!! BTW...we put a contract on the
    house down the street.

  2. For some reason this post made me cry. Probably cause I miss you guys a lot too!
    ps - what does your mom mean that they put a contract on the house down the street? i'm so nosy, i know. . .

  3. haha--she was just kidding about moving to waco.

  4. it's official, the preggers hormones have kicked in. your post made me cry in my pj's this morning. sounds like you had a great time together! :)

  5. So sweet, and those pics of Pop pop and T are soooo sweet