Wednesday, August 11, 2010

365.91: Plants

In an attempt to ward off all-encompassing sadness (due to my parents visit ending), I have kept my self very busy since yesterday afternoon.

Last night we went to Zach's 6th birthday party--which featured fried chicken and chocolate cake, both homemade. Get more party details and pictures here.

This morning two girls who are going to be our babysitters while Ryan and I are in Elevate came over. It was so great to meet sweet Meghan and Emily! There will be more posts on them to come. I am praising the Lord that He has worked out this minor, yet huge, detail.

After Meghan and Emily left, Zach and Cristie came over so Cristie could help me with my potted plant situation. The situation in that I have two big pots that I would just love to have overflowing with lively green plants, but I also have a brown thumb and super-limited budget. While my parents were here, my Mom was so sweet to take me to a nursery and help me pick out plants.
We got this hanging plant for the front porch:

And then for the pots, we got lantana, verugated sweet potato, and chili pepper plants. Cristie's idea was to combine these things with a few other plants that were already in our yards for a festive potted schmorgasborg. Here's what we came up with.

Once they grow and fill in and the creepers spread, I'll post an after picture!


  1. Your plantings turned out BEAUTIFULLY, Court and thumbs up!!!!

  2. love green...and love you! you are uber-skinny and super cute! miss you and SO wish i could be doing fun stuff with you guys!

  3. Wow,the plants are beautiful! And the goodbye pictures and story with mimi and pop made me cry. You guys sure are loved!