Sunday, September 26, 2010

365.137: Birthday Party Fun

Today we went to church and again, just hung out (are you seeing a pattern here?), then our Lifegroup came over this evening.

Holden has been wanting to have a birthday party for Clark and Esther, so we made cupcakes and sang a belated birthday song for Es and an early birthday song for Clark.

Turner hanging with Uncle Clark in the hammock.


  1. Looks like you guys were having a ball! And exactly how many of those lucious cupcakes DID you eat?!?

  2. OKAY did you make the cupcakes??? They look amazing!

  3. Mom--I ate FOUR!!!!!
    Susan--Esther and I made them...with a little help from our friend Betty Crocker. I piped on the frosting, which was also courtesy of either Betty or Duncan.

  4. MMMMmmmm they were sooooo good :)and Beautiful thanks to court!