Wednesday, September 29, 2010

365.140: Small Town Living

The longer that I'm in Waco, the more good things I find about living in a small town. Of course, there are the downsides, too. Since I am a lover of lists, here are the pros and cons about Waco.
(I'll start with the cons so we can end on a good note!)

  • The local Top 40 radio station here has the worst DJ's. I loved the Bert Show in Atlanta. Maybe nothing will ever compare...
  • Sticking with local media, the newscasters here are the kids right out of college, working for the first time in a tiny market, which means a lot of funny mistakes, but mostly It's just painful to watch. Like this girl:
  • No Trader Joe's! (Boo hiss, Waco. Boo hiss.)
  • There is a grocery store monopoly here by H-E-B. Never heard of it? I hadn't either before we moved here. There are quite a few grocery stores in Waco, they are just all this same chain. And while I haven't always been the biggest proponent of the benefits of capitalism, I sure would like some grocery shopping options!
  • We save so much money on gas! It never takes more than a couple minutes to get anywhere. If someone lives "really far away" in Waco, expect a 15 minute drive.
  • Going along with the everything-is-close notion, I love that when you're meeting for lunch and someone says, "Let's meet at Chick-fil-A," you don't have to ask which one!
  • Everyone is so friendly and willing to carry on an extended conversation at any point.
  • I love the downtown area of Waco. It is really cute, albeit quiet.
  • I love living so close to the Brazos River, with all its charming bridges, and lined by Cameron Park.

  • I know you've heard it before, but the Children's Museum and the Cameron Park Zoo here are amazing places to take the boys!
  • But, undoubtedly, the best part about Waco is all the amazing people we've met and the great work God is doing in our lives through them!


  1. at least if a grocery store is going to have a monopoly, it's HEB! i like that one! (what if it was piggly wiggly?!)