Saturday, October 2, 2010

365.143: Sick

Why is it that my children only get really sick on Friday nights?! For real, if they are going to come down with something that needs to be seen by a doctor stat (I'm so medical), it will be on a Friday night.
Last night when I was brushing Holden's teeth, I noticed his throat was super red. I didn't see any white spots, though, so I thought we were safe from strep. Then at about 9pm, he started throwing up. No bueno. So this morning I made some calls to see where we could take him. (Luckily, the guys who is going to be our family doctor is also in our Lifegroup, so a friend.) It was definitely Strep. I guess the up-side of getting sick on Friday night is that he'll be better in time for school Tuesday!
Here are some "presents" Holden made for Turner, Ryan and me. He is now sitting for what are very long periods of time for him (like more than 30 minutes!) and writing out words and coloring! I just love to see how he is changing and growing from preschool. So he sounded these out with no help.
From L to R: Mommy, Brother, Dad, and Dude (the last two were both for Ryan).

Oh, and PS, after two weeks of very good behavior, his teacher thinks that he has really turned a corner and is getting into the swing of being in preschool! Thank you for all your prayers!


  1. Where have your Blog advertisements gone? I miss clicking on bring you the big bucks! Love you all!

  2. Yay for good bx (behavior - i'm so clinical :))! Love the art and praying for him to get better soon!

  3. The presents were our names he had written! And I stopped being allowed to get paid for the ads because of "suspicious behavior," which I'm pretty sure means "only your mom's computer is clicking on ads." haha. thanks for trying!