Monday, October 11, 2010

365.152: Saying Goodbye

Man, we sure do love having all these visitors, but it's so hard and so sad to say goodbye each time! The boys and I drove Cam to the Dallas airport this afternoon, and Holden fell asleep before we got there. When he woke up later I woke him up on the drive home because I had to pee so bad it hurt, he was so confused and sad that he didn't get to say goodbye to Aunt Cam. I had to reassure him for the next hour that Cam did give him a hug and kiss, but he just didn't remember since he was asleep.

A shot of Holden and his Aunt Cam with the fireman umbrella she got him at the museum.

Me and Holden under the umbrella discussing something very serious, I'm sure.

I mean, what else do you do with an umbrella other than bring it with you into a tree you climb? When it's sunny out.

They're sweet.

A cool shot Cam took at the park this morning of Holden on the climbing rock.


  1. oh my gosh I am in love with that picture of you and Holden - you're just the best momma ever! I miss you!

  2. Yeah....leaving....don't know if it will ever get any easier. Miss you guys so much...our only comfort is knowing that you are in God's will...proud of you for stepping out and following His lead.