Sunday, November 7, 2010

365.179: Retail Therapy

We had to say goodbye to Ryan's fam this afternoon. The plane ride back was pretty uneventful, so that was good! All three of the boys slept the entire second (and longer) flight from Atlanta to Texas! It was such a fun weekend, and I'm sad for it to be over. So to keep my spirits high, I'll focus on the fact that I'm coming home with goodies! Debbie took me shopping Saturday morning (best mother-in-law ever) and I got these:
A pair of nude flats (they are way more camel-colored in person).
Black booties that I wore to the wedding! I LOVE them!
The booties were to go with this dress:

These comfy grey flats lined with fleece. Cute and warm? Yes please!


  1. Me too Becca.....especially the grey flannel flats!