Monday, July 5, 2010

365.54: Missing Georgia

We are so missing our friends in Atlanta! Before we left for Texas, our dear friend Erica and her boys made the sweetest photo albums for Turner and Holden full of pictures of them with their sweet little friends. Turner spent quite some time in his room today flipping through the pages of his dear friends.

In totally unrelated news, some of you might be aware of my (slightly embarrassing) love for the Twilight saga! Eclipse came out June 30, but I just got a chance to go see it tonight. Cristie was such a trooper and came with me—she hadn’t even seen or read the first two. She’s a good friend.
Here’s a little gem for your viewing pleasure from Eclipse. *insert teen girl giggle*

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  1. I'm not gonna lie, looking at those pics of "nurner" looking at his friends made me a little sad...So glad the Montgomery kids are there - and so glad kids are more resilient than I am haha. Love you court